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Tuesday August 4th 2020



Purita’s church

In Gallipoli there are a lot of churches mainly in the ancient town. Some of them are along the city walls that were protecting the town from enemies coming from the sea.
The church of “Santa
Maria della Purita'” has a nice and artistic maiolic painting and it’s dedicated also to Santa Cristina.

Museo di Scienze Naturali

The “Museo Regionale di Scienze Naturali” of Turin is one of our preferred places where we like to spend some hours as soon as it’s possible.
In the museum there are often showcases about science, history, photography, art…
Young children like the “Arca”, where ancient collections of animals are displayed as if they were in the Noe’s arch.
In the second floor of the museum there is the “Museo olimpico” of Turin 2006 Olympic Games.

Wild orchids

Dactylorhiza sambucina

One of our preferred hobbies is to find, observe and take photos of wild orchids.

Every spring and summer, we all go in woods, meadows and wild lands to look for wild orchids. In Italy there are a lot of species of orchids, mainly in Southern Italy and in the Islands, so when we are near Gallipoli or in Sardinia a trip to take photos is assured!

I’m also member of GIROS – Gruppo Italiano per la Ricerca sulle Orchidee Spontanee.

During these years, I’ve taken a lot pf photos of wild orchids: a photo gallery is available on my web site: follow this link. Most of them are taken at Gallipoli or in Sardinia (near Sorgono and Meana Sardo or Oristano), but there are also orchids from Piedmont and Tuscany.

Beach and sea at Gallipoli

We took this photo during our summer holidays. We were often going to the beach very early in the morning, when nobody was yet present. So all the place was for us!
But after some hours the beach was full of people… As usual in Gallipoli there are a lot of tourists: I hope that we Gallipolini will be more able in the future to capitalize on the wonderful environment and great historic places we have in Gallipoli.

Campo S. Silvestro

At least one time per year we love to have a nice travel, visiting some beautiful place.
Last october we visited Venezia. Our hotel room was on Campo S. Silvestro, near Rialto bridge.
It was a very calm place… On last morning “acqua alta” presented a big surprise to us: we liked Venezia also with the sea in the “calli” and Piazza San Marco.

Pecorino Sardo

Every time we go to Sardinia, we stop in Meana Sardo to meet our relatives and to buy wonderful “pecorino” chees.
In Meana Sardo there is the Latteria Cooperativa, where local sheepers bring their milk to be transformed into cheese.
This cheese is very good and also inexpensive: I recommend to visit this shop if you pass in the center of Sardinia!

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